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CaseFinder® and Windows 10 (version 1903)

The problem:

The recent Microsoft update to Windows 10 (version 1903) affects the CaseFinder library function. The Library window will open, but when you click on a database in the Library list, the CaseFinder program will either quit, or it might display an error message referencing run-time error 372. In addition, the problem may appear when you search in a Code, Constitution or Rules database, and click on a result to expand it.

What we know:

The recent update to Windows 10 has changed the version of a module that CaseFinder depends on to display information in a "list" view within the program. Microsoft has a history of sending an incorrect version of this module in previous updates but has released corrections in the past.

What we are doing:

We have developed a new version of CaseFinder that eliminates our dependency on this module. We also anticipate that Microsoft will fix this problem, as it has in the past; however, the timeline for the fix is uncertain.

If you experience this error:

The latest CaseFinder DVD contains the files needed to update your version of CaseFinder.

Please follow these instructions to update CaseFinder to the latest version:

  1. Close CaseFinder.
  2. Insert the latest CaseFinder DVD into your DVD drive.
  3. Open File Explorer to locate the CaseFinder DVD. Look for the CaseFinder icon and the name "CSF_VA01."
  4. Click on the DVD to view the files.
  5. Open the folder named "Win10Update."
  6. Copy the file named "casefinder.exe."
  7. In File Explorer, navigate to your CaseFinder program folder. (The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Casefinder.)
  8. Paste casefind.exe in your CaseFinder program folder. When prompted, please choose “Replace the file in the destination” to overwrite the original program.
  9. Done! CaseFinder should be operating as normal.

Optional: The help system in CaseFinder was also effected by Windows update. The csfhelp.gml file contained in Win10Update folder can also be copied and pasted into the CaseFinder program folder. Please follow the same steps as above.

Assistance with this update is available by phone. Please call us at 800-457-6045.

View the CaseFinder® Web Tutorial

If you are interested in viewing a tutorial on how to use CaseFinder Web, you can find it here. This tutorial gives an overview of the main features of CaseFinder from basic searching to using our CitedIn feature.

View the CaseFinder® Manual

We make the Casefinder® 5.03 Manual available as a convenience for our customers. View the PDF Manual online.

Add or Remove Databases

Follow these steps to add or remove databases from your existing CaseFinder® installation.

  1. Insert the latest CaseFinder® DVD into your DVD drive.
  2. Run the setup.exe file from your DVD drive. Go to Start>Run and type D:\setup.exe. (Where "D" is the letter of your DVD drive.)
  3. Choose "Modify" from the CaseFinder® Maintenance Program and click Next.
  4. Place a check mark in the boxes of the databases that you wish to transfer. Removing check marks from the boxes will cause that database to be removed from the hard drive.
  5. Click Next when finished and CaseFinder® will make the changes you have requested. These changes will be stored for subsequent updates.

NOTE: These steps will also correct problems with missing (or grayed out) databases when users enter CaseFinder® while an update is being performed.